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Originally from Chicago, Anita Guerra came to Texas in 1999. She says "I'm recently divorced, recently retired and recently had a knee replacement (all in that order). I have two sons, one on earth and one in heaven. I usually write poetry during or after a life-altering event, good and bad. I'm currently returning to "normal activity" and sharing my love of God, who has been the biggest motivator in my life."

Mother's Love

© Anita Silva Guerra

Can endure the unendurable, forgive the unforgivable

Love the most unlovable, bear the unbearable.

She sees in her child what others cannot.

Give when there is nothing left.

Mother's love second to that of God's.

Everyone on earth has had mother's love to some degree.

If her child chooses the wrong pathway it is through no fault of her own

And though all odds may be against her, she will never deny him.

She will say I love my child, I believe in him.

Child that was nine months part of her, Forever hers outside of her.

Fortunate that we are to have her love greatest of all loves.

Her life second to that of her child.

She endures the pain of labor to love what's hers

with an intense, unconditional love.

Most mothers love this way although there are exceptions.

This is how I feel for you, son,

you will be first in my life for now and always.

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