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Author, performer, musician and poet, Barack the Composer has been featured at several Poets Corner readings, immediately capturing attention with his stentorian baritone, concise phrasing and riveting  delivery. His powerful messages for social justice, peace and understanding provide a voice for those who may not always be heard and food for thought for those who hear his words.

Peace Salad 🥗

© Barack the Composer

“ A house divided against itself cannot stand.“

           -Abraham Lincoln

I. The Playground 

God bless the children

to always play together-

ev’ry race, creed, and color, holding hands forever.

II. Simple Math

Two men of differing hues

      met as enemies

  + departed as friends


III.  Family

In a world where hate pollutes the air, 

where people are unfair,

The time has come 

to live as one 

before all hope is gone.

As a family, 

united as one, 

will stand second to none a family.

As a family, 

true peace we will find-

leave our quarrels behind

...........and be a family.

Come! ye people 

of every race-

from ev’ry climate 

and every place!

Let’s all join hands 

and rise above 

needless troubles 

on wings of LOVE.

Bon appétit.🥗


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